The return of the Prodigal Prince heralds a new era. No more will there be only entertainment for the mob of prurient cretins. Our world will be elevated to a new height of debauchery and libertine enlightenment. I present to you: Women intelligent, Women nude, and Women in chains bound to their fate as delightful little morsels of flesh and feline temperament and presented to you pro bono.

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Pet Kitty Spring 2024

Candy Piper

Candy is definitely a tuxedo cat. She has an extra gear spinning in her head and dresses up nice. You could throw her in an evening gown and take her out on the town and she would be engaging and entertaining. There is everything to like about Candy. She's a natural poser and when a Woman says, "I don't know, I've always just been very sexual." you know you've caught you a fish. She has this thick east coast twang or maybe you'd call it a drawl. Living north of Philly, I wonder how far her family goes back to the old country. Her Mom's a German so maybe all the way back to when there were no bridges and you only had wooden ferry boats to cross the Schuylkill River and William Penn was still trudging about inviting Mennonites and Amish into the country. I want to dress Candy up as an Amish Grrl one day and engage in an episode of wicked, devil-condoned, debauchery of the sort that William Penn would not approve.

This is the good stuff. Finely crafted and a wide array of product choices. Their leather lingerie is a must have. At the very least buy your partner a collar. Every Squirrel Grrl should have a collar. If your Grrl doesn't have a collar, now's the time.

Another winning set from the archives! Trinity Page AVN nominated championship level cock sucker paints her lips red and delights us with a refined demonstration of the oral Art. And this is indeed Art. It is the Art of the blowjob and mine is the Art of the image-making. If it were not for her, I could not be.


Adam Ant -- Cool Zombie

Lost and Found

The Virtuous Pornographer Movie Review Pale Blue EyeThe Virtuous Pornographer Movie Review Pale Blue Eye

Being in the entertainment industry and being an X-er of the Film and TV Generation, I've become somewhat of an aficionado when it comes to the quality and entertainment value of such things and therefore am qualified to share my opinion. In addition I owe no one any favors nor do they hold sway over me so know always when to spend your money and time at the theatre or in front of the living room screen and when not to thanks to he who is GRACIOUS.



Civil War

Pale Blue Eye

The Bike Riders (June 21)




As much as I like to gallivant around looking for fresh morsels to entertain my minions, I find myself returning once again to the likes of this Adam Ant creature. Here is a more recent release although not really. It's just that I've been away a while and am rediscovering things. I think both Adam and I have fermented and marinated a little since our earlier years. Maybe he more than I. He, after all, sports some fancy digs, is looking all Johnny Depp and has a Captain Crunch hat and I'm just a slob, squatting here trying to author something meaningful and useful to humanity in an attempt to enlighten and deliver it from evil. One is known in popular culture; the other wallows in mediocrity and obscurity, lurking in the cattails as some species of cryptid, making disturbing noises whilst leaving no tracks. Occasional ripples in the water are the only lingering evidence but is only evident for a few moments and can just as easily be attributed to the myriad of dragonflies which dart about, trying to jag their johnny in a jumping Josephine. Not my fault. I don't make the rules. You gotta a higher disorder going on with that. If a stone ripples the water, but no one is there to witness...

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“A free life is still free for great souls. Verily, whoever possesses little is possessed that much less: praised be a little poverty.”

--Friedrich Nietzsche, THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA

WWII Japanese Victory Dance