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Pet Kitty Winter 2024


She is Siamese if you please. Quiet but willful and passively aggressive, she'll hiss at you if you misstep. Imagine skipping through a minefield; that's how I feel when I shoot with her. It's not so much that I dread being exploded, it's just the respawning process takes time and I'm so interested in capturing that flag in the center of the field. Oh the pleasures and delectations that would be had. Petite and exotic, there is a fiery passion deep down inside of her controlled only by the steel trap of a disciplined mind until it's not controlled.

!!!FRESH!!! MId-winter encore pics.

This is the good stuff. Finely crafted and a wide array of product choices. Their leather lingerie is a must have. At the very least buy your partner a collar. Every Squirrel Grrl should have a collar. If your Grrl doesn't have a collar, now's the time.

Another winning set from the archives! Trinity Page AVN nominated championship level cock sucker paints her lips red and delights us with a refined demonstration of the oral Art. And this is indeed Art. It is the Art of the blowjob and mine is the Art of the image-making. If it were not for her, I could not be.

Interview with CATO of the Army of the Republic

The American Militia Movement began in earnest in the mid-nineties after the betrayal of the American Military with its use as a Mercenary Force by the Bush Administration to defend foreign oil interests in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and in response to the repulsive crimes of the FBI at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Yours truly, The VP had the opportunity to sit down with CATO, a spokesperson for The Army of the Republic, and discuss the current State of the Militia Movement in America and how the Army of the Republic seeks to bring the movement under a more moderate umbrella. This is part one is a series of posts.

Interesting link/site that was sent to me. Worth a look especially if you are a successful, traveling Gentleman.


Adam Ant -- Rough Stuff

Lost and Found

The Virtuous Pornographer Movie Review Pale Blue EyeThe Virtuous Pornographer Movie Review Pale Blue Eye

Being in the entertainment industry and being an X-er of the Film and TV Generation, I've become somewhat of an aficionado when it comes to the quality and entertainment value of such things and therefore am qualified to share my opinion. In addition I owe no one any favors nor do they hold sway over me so know always when to spend your money and time at the theatre or in front of the living room screen and when not to thanks to he who is GRACIOUS.



Program review by the virtuous pornographer For All MankindProgram review by the virtuous pornographer For All Mankind

For All Mankind

Pale Blue Eye

The Power of the Dog

Apple TV



While traipsing around YouTube one day, trying to drum up some sort of idea to put on my Generation X page, I started revisiting old videos. I came upon the notion that, since we X-ers are the MTV generation, maybe I should explore our musical roots and, as I'm not as random as some would have you believe, I naturally started with the A's and guess who came to mind. It's not like I was gonna go with ABBA, or Alvin and the Fucking Goddamned Chipmunks, but rather someone probably not unlike myself, just far more successful. (Well I suppose I could have gone with Aerosmith but that's not what came to mind.) Adam and the Ants or later.. Adam Ant. Adam and the Ants was notably the first rock and roll concert I ever attended. The Romantics opened for him. I remember him scurrying about the rigging like an actual pirate. I dug the cat. As a hayseed raised by my grandparents next to an actual hayfield in a cinderblock house built by my Grandfather, (the fourth little pig), in a hidden vale in central Ohio, I was completely mesmerized. I had never seen shit like that before. I was in Awe. Now even though he's a Boomer, he gave me my first real live experience in high quality performing arts. Now so many years later I came upon this video of his I had never seen before.

So I see this and the first think is, "Oh Shit Adam Ant's gone completely Vanilla Ice." Then I saw in the video some MC Hammer influence and after doing a little research, this piece was released in 1990 as well just before we all went off to fight George Bush's dumbass Gulf War. So now I'm wondering, did he have the same production teams shooting his video or is this guy a genius and he's homaging MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice at the same time. You tell me. Click on the fucking photo. Watch the video. It's not so much that the video is just like those I just gives that vibe but maybe just cause it's 1990 shit as if that year had a look and feel of its own. That 1990 shit, turn it down, tone it down. You have the Power. Hey. Brothers and Sisters all that 1990 shit is over. Turn off those cop shows. Listen to those Gila Copters. I ask you in a quiet tone of voice, is the Gila Copter a machine of Peace? Is the Gila Copter a love machine? So turn down that victim shit. Turn that Gila Copter off, Baby. He's wearing a cow shirt.

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"Philosophy is the love of knowledge and knowledge is a testament to a Person's character. What have we done with our Life if we have not learned?"

--The Virtuous Pornographer

“Genuine charity demands sacrifice for the good of the species.”

--Friedrich Nietzsche

Niccolo Machiavelli

Mongolian Dancing Grrls