A collection of all the fancy things I run across on the Internets. Some of the things hang out on the front page for a spell but others just appear here suddenly. It's all a matter of "lightly filtered chaos".

It's immer a glorious day when you are digging through the dirt online and you come upon a nugget of gold. The Soap Girls have been around for a minute but it's well known that I am often a day late as my responsibilities to Mankind keep me engaged in frightful pursuit of the Truth. But now the Sun shines upon them as they have fallen under the gaze of he who is VIRTUOUS and giving. Behold! The Soap Girls!

"Hell-Lo Everyone." Her name is Evie-Loo-Pine, a You-Tuber with over a quarter million followers. And she video blogs about BDSM lifestyle advice.

Searching for a photo of Evie, I discovered she is being creeped by celebsages and celebinsites wondering who her fucking boyfriend is. I guess they haven't figured out she's asexual and probably loves her cat. They don't really know shit about her. As far as I'm concerned she gets a pass because she's a Cancer. My Mom is a Cancer. Some of my best Friends are Cancers. I'm willing to bet, because of that, that she probably carries no real malice around in her Heart and that makes her cool in my book. I listened one of her presentations about Halloween BDSM themes in her sweet voice and noticed some subtle background music playing. I became concerned, wondering if it would cast some sort of spell over me. Give her a watch and then report back and let me know if you think she's just another raving-millennial masquerading as someone who thinks they know everything. My guess is that she is correct more than twice a day but talks herself into oblivion.