Past Tidbits or...The Archives of The Virtuous Pornographer

Write your text here...This is video is one I don't critique. If I would even pretend to make the attempt, I would be a goddamned bastard deserving of being kicked in the balls. I place it here because you should watch it, hear the song and feel all the feels that both image and sound produce in your Soul. It doesn't matter that maybe it's not the best at anything. It only matters how it makes you feel and this makes me think it's the best at everything. I've always liked P!NK, not that I'm a fan boy because I'm nobody's fanboy but I've always felt that there is a tremendous depth and sincerity to her music which is, dare I type the word and sound cliche, sublime. She has so often made me rock out and here with this she brings tears to the eyes. Grief is equal to joy in that it compels us to reach out to our Gods for Hope; to converse with them. It strengthens the Spirit of those who experience, endure, and survive it. There is so much beauty in it or is it that I, as one who has endured so much suffering and loneliness, experience it as a strange species of extasy. I hear this song and pray for the People and I pray God bless Alecia Beth Moore and may she dwell in the House of the Lord where she may be a Muse for all time.