Be my little shit worm in this fucking shit storm.

This grosses me the fuck out! --Shanista from Cleveland, OH

Good! --The VP

Government as the lesser of two weevils...

"For were the impulses of conscience clear, uniform, and irresistibly obeyed, man would need no other lawgiver; that not being the case, he finds it necessary to surrender up a part of his property to furnish means for the protection of the rest; this he is induced to do by the same prudence which in every other case advises him, out of two evils, to choose the least."

--Thomas Paine

Government can not supplant the defect in Man's moral Virtue as any State will be imperiled by the same vices which infect the Men who comprise it.

--The Virtuous Pornographer

Never fear that you will fail to meet your social obligations if you do good without looking for reward.

--Marcus Aurelius

He , who has command over Men, must not have command over Laws; neither must he, who has command over Laws, have command over Men.

--Jean-Jacques Rousseau