What is it that makes us, Generation X, tick? Is it because so many of us raised ourselves? Was it that we experienced the explosion of tech that brought us the Walkman to listen to music as we pleased and video cassettes to indulge in films as we chose? Does our angst relate to the destruction of the Humanistic values pushed by the late 60s and 70s which were steam-rolled by The Era of Reagan, Bush, Corporate Clinton neo-liberalism and then Bush-lite? Was it the Cold War, the Drug War, the Gulf War? Will we become another Lost Generation or, as we now come into positions of Power, will we stand and deliver? What does our music, our literature, our art tell us about ourselves? Watch, learn, listen and wonder.

First we must realize our influence. Although we spend so much of our time with our peers as so many of us had working Mom's, it was still Music, film, and art Produced by the previous three generations that shaped us and we most certainly came of age with the young 20-30 something boomers making much of the music we listened to and starring in films being execed by those from the Lost and the Greatest Generations. They are responsible for the World into which we were born and controlled what we saw, heard or read just as we now control much of what the younger generations experience although, with the technological advancements of recent years and the proliferation and ease of online platforms that allow one to be published, the younger generations have the potential to entertain themselves.


Something struck me today as I was researching looking for inspiration for this page. Accepting everyone's experience is unique and from an individual perspective influenced by tens of thousands of different things, events, and People, I wondered how I could ever articulate the Gen X experience so as to explain what we are and how we are different. I realized that we are a music, gaming and video/movie generation. The technological developments that we share now with others were advanced primarily in furtherance of the distribution and improvement of those aforesaid entertainments. Indeed, we are a generation of Houdini's indulging in escapism. The question now is what were we (and are we still trying to) escaping from.

Which brings me to Rob Zombie and especially the video "NEVER GONNA STOP (The Red Red Kroovy)", one of the best Rock and Roll Videos ever produced and an homage to the amazing dystopian novel "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess, a novel I read as a wee lad before travelling off to college and then my beloved Marine Corps. I think this speaks to so many of us, and even Rob's catalogue of music itself as he incorporates many popular images and characters in his works almost as if they were early forms of memes - horror memes that is. But as a January 1965 baby, Rob is one of the most senior of US. He is pure bread and has led the way. Musician, Artist, Filmmaker he is a Generation X Icon.

This is meant to be a special place here at Skin Sin Films that explores our Generation. Our Music, our films, our Angst, everything that make we, all of US, who we are. A conversation about the things that shaped our lives, where we come from, where we've been and where we yet have to go.

If you would like to submit something in regards to your experience, belief, or fond memory of being an X-er please CONTACT US or mail the site at Skin@SkinSinFilms.com