A Clowder of Cats.

Granted with only three Pet Kitties to our credit - it is not yet a clowder of cats, but soon, my Droogs. Soon they shall litter the household in wild abandon, some feral, some tame, some chaste and some game, each one different, no two the same.

Candy Piper

Pet Kitty Spring 2024

  • BREED - American Bobtail.

  • DISPOSITION - Loyal to her kittens, discreet, focused, loved by all her pet her.

  • RANGE - Small local territory but travels often. She may jump in your car unbeknownst.

  • BIOLOGICAL SUCCESS - Three kittens.

"Rachel is one of my fave faves. She is a natural poser, a hustler, and a friend." --The Virtuous Pornographer

Pet Kitty Winter 2024


  • BREED - Siamese.

  • DISPOSITION - Parly feral. Single owner, possessive. Don't make any sudden movements. Sharp claws.

  • RANGE - Small local territory but likes to be taken on trips.

  • BIOLOGICAL SUCCESS - no kittens.

"There is no genuinely creative idea this Woman won't try especially if it involves a wig and a costume." --The Virtuous Pornographer


  • BREED - Ragdoll.

  • DISPOSITION - Domesticated. Single owner but friendly to other Hoo-mans and pets.

  • RANGE - Travels outside her home territory.

  • BIOLOGICAL SUCCESS - no kittens.

"You could dress this Woman in anything and she would make it look good." --The Virtuous Pornographer

Every Pet Kitty needs a perch where she can recline and be petted. What better place than one of Lonesome Dragon's Sex Swings.