A Clowder of Cats.

Granted with only one Pet Kitty to our credit - she being Ms. Anastasia the Fall 2023 Pet Kitty - it is not yet a clowder of cats, but soon, my Droogs. Soon they shall litter the household in wild abandon, some feral, some tame, some chaste and some game, each one different, no two the same.


  • BREED - Ragdoll.

  • DISPOSITION - Domesticated. Single owner but friendly to other Hoo-mans and pets.

  • RANGE - Travels outside her home territory.

  • BIOLOGICAL SUCCESS - no kittens.

"You could dress this Woman in anything and she would make it look good." --The Virtuous Pornographer

Every Pet Kitty needs a perch where she can recline and be petted. What better place than one of Lonesome Dragon's Sex Swings.