She's not the apple. She's not the conniving creature that got turned into a serpent. She's the Eden but what the fuck is that supposed to mean? It can't be a metaphor for having a bush down there, you know, a garden or a lawn. She must be alluding to the pleasure that being inside her would bring a Man. The soft, silky, tight, wetness that would drive a Man mad and convince him to eat an apple against his better judgement or be like, "Fuck! That Pussy was so good, I'ma go to school and get some knowledge, I don't give a shit if the Lord just wants me to lay here and remain an ignorant monkey that just eats fruit and throws feces for a living." Oh strike me down, Lord, for authoring such nonsense for I am at a loss to conjur up anything remotely meaningful or coherent for such is the spell that this Lilith has cast upon me.

EDEN, the place where Mankind discovered knowledge and was cast out. Her Eden is not some place ruled over by a petulant semitic God of some middle eastern city-state from a Temple built of mud brick and sandstone. Hers is ruled over by the Goddess. My thoughts about her as I was preparing to write this text for her Pet Kitty spread was that she was missing her calling as a Dominatrix because she's a cruel and heartless Woman who will brazenly display herself before you but cat scratch you if you dare to step beyond the edge of the flower bed that is roped off. You do what she tells you. At most you get to dress her up and then watch as she shows you her open flower petals so ripe and ready to be polinated. I've known Dominae. I've gotten on with them quite well as I am a Gentleman and one who is virtuous. They knew I was no mere cretin. I had skills that made them look beautiful and I relished the opportunity to serve them in this manner. Not being a sub or a bottom, I even knew some of them as a man would know a Woman , the pleasures of their mouth and of their loins but not Eden. Eden is still marinating.

Most definitely a Siamese, Eden yet reminds me of a tuxedo cat I once had, Emily. Emily, like a lot of tuxedo cats, had an extra gear in her head. You could tell she was thinking about stuff, examining you if you will. Eden has this extra gear spinning in her mind, making her a complicated Woman.