Candy Piper

Pet Kitty Spring 2024

I remember the night I met Candy. The poor Grrl was in my neck of the woods and had some cancelations in her modeling tour. Luckily, I had checked my messages that evening and came upon knowledge of distress. Sometimes traveling models/performers have rough routes and this was one for Candy. I heard her subtle but proud lamentations and got here a room for the night. She shot some video with me in return and we smoked together. I remember her gazing at me thankfully as we parted. I have known and worked with Candy ever since. She is awesome. They say no good deed goes unpunished but I have never been punished for doing that good deed for Candy.

She is Alice in Wonderland and I am a Mad Hatter minus the mercury poisoning. There needs to be a full-length feature of some miss adventure featuring this creature. I am interested in the possibilities of her taking the stage in the furtherance of fantasy comedy. She does get my sense of humour and she's already aware that one pill makes it harder and one pill makes it long but the ones that mother gives you don't do anything for a dong.

Talent should never be wasted. It's a crime against God and the Universe. We are created to be either Creators or Consumers; entertainers or those that are entertained with the rolls occasionally being reversed. Rachel deserves a break out roll. She would mesmerize on the red carpet with her Philly East Pennsylvania twang and her simple, street-wise, white grrrl persona. She deserves only the best which means she deserves more than me.

I mean, let's face it, I'm just a hack. I'm just a lumberjack with a camera. I enter the forest of Women and at some point am presented with an offering, so I take my lens and wielding it like a hatchet, I hack out photos. On some swings the angle is good and the velocity impressive and a large woodchip strikes the ground. One can pick it up, examine it, and think, "Now that's a nice wood chip. That man must know what he's doing with his axe." Meanwhile I'm back at base camp, getting high and thinking, "Jesus Fuck I wish I knew what I was doing!" But I have found that a Woman is like a buffalo; you can use every part of her to indulge some manner of perversion and prurient interest and if you click the shutter enough times, you'll eventually get enough photos to make a website page and publish it in the name of the People.