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--Best Oral Scene 2005

It's a glorious moment when a Man gets to create with one of the greats. It was glorious. Now don't let it be misconstrued that I had anything to do with the production that she was nominated for; that was two years previous to our introduction but it was a pleasure none the less to work with a bonafied championship level cock worker. Her superhero power was her ability to drool uncontrollably once Rick Reed's member lodged itself between her lips. Truly it was a spectacle to behold and such a nice friendly Woman. She soon retired after this. It's quite possible this was her last professional scene. All the more sacred, then, are the images that preserve it for posterity.

This is a Woman who would indulge mankind with images of professional fellatio. She was one of the unsung Great Ones who was unabashed and vibrant in her displays of wanton oral interaction. One could tell right off she had a love for cock and knew the ways of the mouth artist. In the end I think she was disappointed that her return to the midwest meant the end of her episodes. I did manage to find a scene of her being abused by a trio of half-witted white savages who seem to know not how to administer to a Woman of such talent. So there is still content out there that exists and of course there is this display extant as well as the video in my clips4sale store.

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