Pale Blue Eye

Now on Netflix and with a mixed review, The VP lets you know the real scoop - the trusted scoop.

The Virtuous Pornographer

1/21/20242 min read

Timothy Spall (L) and Christian Bale in an early scene from PALE BLUE EYE. I don't know who the background cats are because in Hollywood you don't really get any credit if you are below the line.

Harry Melling (R) as first year West Point Cadet, Edgar Allen Poe, and Christian Bale as retired detective, Augustus Landon.

If you read a lot of reviews of this, you'll probably end up wondering whether or not it's worth your time. The RT score stands currently at 63. When I read some of the reviews I immediately wondered if the reviewers, especially those writing for The Guardian, knew what the fuck they were talking about or even anything about film. Some nincompoop there called it a noir. If that isn't further evidence of The Guardian being a shitrag, then I don't know what is. In the words of one of Geico's famous Cavemen, "*Snort*! Do some research!" PALE BLUE EYE is a classic dark romantic tale blended with some Goth which is probably why it gets a little weird at one point - a little too weird for the common corporate media apparatchik to compute. I guess they failed to calculate the character of Edgar Allen Poe placed prominently in the story as an addend and do the simple math.

PALE BLUE EYE is a beautifully shot piece and quite engaging for its genre. Its quasi-military setting is captivating despite the film not having a single explosion. Harry Melling sends his role as EAP screaming over the right field wall and takes on Christian Bale toe-to-toe. If it wasn't for his..."aesthetics", he could be a leading man, A-list, always getting top billing. There is no "over acting" in this film as one over-achieving reviewer stated. I think perhaps she was fooled by Skully's (Yes Gillian Anderson makes an appearance) hysterics but that scene direction is probably only an homage to the times. In 1830 Women often got a little stressed out being that they were regulated to the home with not much to do and their fashions often led to prolonged periods (heh heh I typed, 'periods') of discomfort. It would make most people suddenly scream, smash a dinner plate, and storm out of the room. (spoiler, sorry)

Harry Melling as Edgar Allen Poe in PALE BLUE EYE

Don't let the gibbering Picts at The Guardian influence you. They tattoo their faces and run around naked for fucks sake. PBE is worth a watch especially if you are a fan of Christian Bale, Harry Potter, Dark Romanticism, American Goth or Skully from The X-Files. The Twist comes out of no where. I challenge any viewer to see it coming.