Paige. I remember Paige with great fondness. Poor Grrl was behind on her rent so I went a little out of my way to help her out. Paige took right to things and needed no encouragement. Her tongue stud betrayed her love of oral but her mouth was petite. All the poor thing could do was gnaw on the head of a prick like a squirrel with an acorn. Because of that and If I had to pick, I would say that Paige truly was the first Squirrel Grrl here at Skin Sin Films. She deserves a statue or some sort of commemorative denkmal placed outside the motel where we shot.

Paige was so awesome and so much fun we went for round two. She was all bubble-goth and had a black mesh shirt which made all a cool effect when the early generation digital camera was asked to reproduce what it saw. Of course, we went without a bra so that the creamy flesh of her jugs would be evident, and I gave her a costume belt that I had acquired from somewhere. Paige also had a very big forehead and high hairline, so I finished her off with a purple bandana for color, concealment and balance.

We snapped a few pics to see the results then I gave her my black motorcycle jacket to sport and made her nibble on the acorn some more. It was Awesome-Sauce!