Jessielynn Monroe

Throwback Pics

This is a creature I fished from the early Yahoo chatrooms before the controversies destroyed them and they became a swamp of sexbots pretending to be real People. It's always disappointing when something innocent and simple is destroyed by those desperate to mine coin from the unwary vis-a-vis the use of fraud and subterfuge. It's vile and reveals the most abject and base defilers of Human etiquette and character but who remained hidden behind the intricately laced web of shadows and darkness. I was hunting in my forest when suddenly the forest was inundated with droids trying to hunt me and plying the sultry wares of who knows who. The forest had become a tepid swamp crawling with vectors and all manner of other horrid creatures. Jessielynn could very well have been the last of the squirrels hunted from the forrest down under...Ya-Hoooo-ooooo!

She was indeed a squirrel of note - red hair, creamy white skin, a genuine axe wound some would call a 'gash'... A quiet emo Grrl she was somewhat new to cock or at least to strange cock and in these parts there was probably no cock stranger than Rick Reed's cock. I remember during the course of her administrations, she would look up at him and then back down at the meat, her mouth agape and visibly in wonder at this - a new toy. Seemingly innocent, she knew what to do when I instructed her to strip down to her black pumps and kneel and wasn't hesitant at wrapping her fist or her lips around it.