Godzilla Minus One

The VP's take on GODZILLA MINUS ONE. The Virtuous Pornographer breaks down the latest cinematic release on the classic Japanese kaiju -Godzilla *NO SPOILERS*

The Virtuous Pornographer

12/19/20231 min read

Godzilla is the King of the Monsters, not because it is the first behemoth to appear in film, that Honor goes to KING KONG (1933) or BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS (1953), but because he's the coolest (I think in one film he even sports some giant sunglasses) and the longest running franchise in film history with a total of 38 features. So if you don't think Godzilla is the King then fuck you and fuck Elvis too! That fool died on the terlette. Godzilla never dies. He merely sinks to the bottom of the sea and commences to regenerate. Although writing this just did give me a hallucinatory Halloween epiphany - Godzilla dressed as Elvis complete with a guitar that shoots a radioactive heatwave out the neck. Take that Ghidorah, you fucking cock.

Godzilla Minus One is a fine addition to the franchise. Taking place at the very end of World War II and into 1947, and being Japanese produced, it's a look into post war Japan. There are real characters here and a real story is the film's strength. A group of common People, their Nation destroyed, their families either missing or killed, burned in the Yankee napalming of Tokyo, must band together to survive, creating new families and friendships. There is a poignance and depth to the story that I've never really seen incorporated in any other film of the genre. It's beautiful and so very Human.

GODZILLA MINUS ONE is well produced, has excellent production values, is well directed, well-conceived, well cast, and well-acted. In addition to the quality of the story, there is also a very subtle homage to the action and style of the original but with enough additional quality and detail to make it attractive to modern audiences. If you are a fan of our boy, Godjira, it's a must see and it's worth watching on the big screen. SKEEEERONK!!!