GILF Lingerie

GILFS and the hideous lingerie they sometimes sport.

The Virtuous Pornographer

10/19/20232 min read

A Man's gotta love a GILF when he matures in age. Nothing more sexy than an older lady three generations in that still has the look and the goods to make your cock want to take note and possible participate in a little bit of the ole "in/out, in/out".

One problem I've noticed though is the lunatic lingerie they sometimes favor. I'm talking the night gowns with the floral prints and the cut is meant to hide the imperfections of an aging Woman's body rather than accentuate what were once perfections. Essentially they are nightgowns/nighties that your Gramma might wear and once you see one, that's the first thing you think of if for some reason you ever saw your Gramma in her nightgown. Needless to say this is a kind of a buzzkill as far as Mr. Wiley E. Willy is concerned.

I worked with Ms. Ava this one time. She needed some photos for her customers. She pulled out this yellow nightie and asked, "Do you like this?" I suppressed every urge to scream and calmly croaked, "Yes that's fine. What ever you'd like." After all this was her gig, not mine.

When an Artist sees something like that, it has the potential to destroy their entire vibe. I wanted to burn the goddamned thing. I wanted to say to her, "I think you would look better just completely naked", take the rag from her body, walk over to the rubbish bin and deposit it without so much as a 'by your leave'. Don't be fooled by these couple of photos I've published showing the wretched garment in question. Hanging over her naturally it was tolerable but as soon as she tried to throw a pose fit for a Virtuous Pornographer, it failed us. Luckily It was a production that lasted the evening and there were better choices of garments to go with her naked tits in other sets.