The Virtuous Pornographer gives his take on the latest Mad Max installment, Furiosa.

The Virtuous Pornographer

5/30/20244 min read

Ana Taylor-Joy is Praetoria Furiosa
Ana Taylor-Joy is Praetoria Furiosa

Ana Taylor-Joy as Praetorix (I"m sorry did I emphasize her birth gender?), Furiosa.

Furiosa was good. It easily stands with the other films in the franchise, and it fits well. I think it has one weakness which isn't necessary a weakness because in I've always felt that if a piece of Art works whether it be a song, a painting or a film, then there were no real mistakes made. For many decisions in Art there is no right or wrong. It's a matter of taste, convenience, individual vision and many times, circumstance or the tools available that determine artistic choices. So, before you hump my balls and try to fade me, remember this is just like my opinion, man.

With a franchise film, casting a big name A-list Actor is less of a necessity than say with some random movie about love or lunacy. People are coming to see the film that furthers a story and takes place in a setting they are already familiar with and interested in pursuing. It wouldn't matter who the thespian was. Now big-named pantomimists can certainly draw a crowd but People are coming for the story. The exception with Furiosa is that we had a film in which Charlize Theron had the roll and did a magnificent job making the character and it would be a crime to butcher the legacy. Needing a younger version of Charlize the Picture went with Ana Taylor-Joy and if you ask me it was all about the eyes. Charlize had a look in her eyes that absolutely needed to be matched for the spell to play. In addition Ana has one of those sculpted visages that, with make-up and lighting can be molded into a look. She passes as Charlize. In fact in the first scenes of her adult version. I had to do a double take. At first glance I was asking myself, "Is that Charlize?" Well it wasn't but it didn't matter because it worked. It does not disrupt the suspension of disbelief so vital to a good film.

It's the all in the eyes.

Do you see those eyes? Do you see the determination of a strong woman surfing the third wave of feminism into a theatre near you? That's what this film is about -- the determination of a strong white Woman with an oily black forehead and one arm. I thought one of the coolest moments of the film was when we see how Furiosa loses her arm. I don't consider this a spoiler as anyone who saw FURY ROAD, knows the bitch only had one arm. She drew a map of the way to back to the Green Place on her arm and until she loses her arm, I thought someone was gonna cut it off in order to have the map just like in WATER WORLD where Deacon (Dennis Hopper) wants to flay the tattoo off the back of Enola (Tina Majorino) so he can have the map to Dry Land and not have to deal with Enola who's a smart ass little fucking brat.

And then you got this Stacy Keach-looking mother fucker, Tom Burke, playing Praetorian Jack. I swear I saw him pop up on the big screen and I squinted my eyes and thought, "What the fuck? Did they de-age Stacy Keach so he could be in this flick? Tom is well-chosen though as the tall, dark, handsome romance novel beau for an independent strong Woman, (I capitalize Woman to show respect, so I don't get any shit because I don't want any of your shit.) Jack plays the role of ,who should otherwise be a scoundrel and rouge like every other dick-swinging antagonist in this entire franchise, as the perfect partner the post-modern Woman, He certainly flies under the radar of every other manner of wretch that surrounds him. Nice guys are supposed to finish last but this cat's a Praetorian. What am I doing wrong?

Now we come to this Hollywood creature, something Hemsley? Oh yeah, Chris Hemsworth. Now this is where I question the reasoning for the casting. Selected to make an already successful franchise get better. Safe bet considering the current marketing logic used by Hollywood. Unless Chris is a big fan of Mad Max film and decides to do it for fun, you just sunk a big part of your budget into a big name Quarterback without the real need because the franchise can carry itself into theatres and not need anymore names than Ana's because she's a hot piece of pie playing Praetorix Furiosa. But I suppose in all fairness if there's a hot piece of pie for the Men, then there should be a hot piece of beef cake for the Ladies. I just wish that Furiosa was dressed up in an embroidered Hussar's vest with it hanging open. "Free the ta-tas"! This is where thinking like that does you wrong. I think he makes it too much of a caricature too goofy. But it could also lie in the directing and the script which is why for me he spoiled it but for some it's a non-issue and he did great. The scene with the Steve Martin-esque arrow-in-the-head guy and the quip when he see's Dementus and asks, "Am I in Walhalla?" is a cinema verité egg that should have been saved for the third Act not the first. It made the whole character into a goof like Thor.

Easter Egg alert. There is at least one in this frame.