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The Virtuous Pornographer

1/20/20242 min read

Already in its fourth season, once again I approach a project late. In my defense It's not my style to maintain half a dozen streaming subscriptions nor am I an Apple product user so this flew under the radar until a friend intervened and so glad he did. This may yet be the best show I've ever watched but of course it is a genre that I favor and when making comparisons and ratings, one should always compare apples to apples. So doing that I don't know that any Sci-Fi/Alternate History compares. It's literally 'edge of the seat' suspense and I don't say 'literally' just to sound valley because during the last episode, I was actually on the edge of my friend's couch wondering if all these characters that I loved were gonna fucking die. It's that well acted. It's that well directed. It's that well written, and it's that well-imagined.

Third Wave feminists will absolutely adore the show as the story is bedazzled with strong female characters who eventually come to run NASA from top to bottom. Meanwhile obsolete white guys like myself can stomach it because the female characters are genuine and refreshing and don't make us want to scream like that fucking Skylar from BREAKING BAD. Goddamn that bitch ruined everything with her dumbass goodie-goodie-two-shoe bullshit. Fawk! Walt would still be alive and fucking up gangsters in The Czech Republic. He would have become some weird species of Anti-Superhero galivanting about the World destroying drug syndicates on the back of the Meth trade like some sort of viral pandemic in which corporate health insurance was Patient Zero.

Once the show begins with a Russian Cosmonaut planting the Sickle and Hammer into the green cheese, all bets on what is gonna happen next are on. The sense of the unknown is multiplied by the propinquity of the familiar and the events transpiring along a now alternate timeline. Certain events, People and Pop culture occur as they did but it's intriguing to see what the writers fancy what might have been had actual events transpired differently.

If you don't like this show, you don't like science fiction.