She is a garden of pleasure created by the Lord our God. She has the most precious of feetses and the deepest recesses of a complicated mind. I have yet to understand her but it is a mission of mine.

Eden takes readily to chains and bondage. In all frankness if I was an evil Dark Lord, I would lock her in a bird cage and hang her from the ceiling of my Great Hall. She is a petite Woman. She would fit in a bird cage. I'd have a little swing for her to perch on and I would give her books to read because I would be a virtuous Dark Lord intent on having only the finest and most cultured pets.

Did I mention Eden likes to show her Pussy? Oh Yeah, she has no qualms about it and I love her for it. I don't think there is anything greater than a beautiful, intelligent, bookish Woman who delights in being a little sexual sprite. Eden knows what dirty boiz like and will tease them mercilessly with displays of her delicate sex flower.