Charlie is the greatest Squirrel Grrl to date (which is not meant to demean the performance of any of the other Squirrel Grrls herein) but there are those things, sometimes very subtle, which set Squirrel Grrls apart. For Charlie, she knew how to love the cock. All Squirrel Grrls love the cock but many are starving or so thirsty for it, they go right at it; they don't take time to savor the meat as a treat. Charlie not only savored it, she loved it and then applied spice. She adorned her lips with MAC FANPLASTICO, a schtick that quickly become a favorite of mine. It goes on with a brush and it's a luscious red that will leave ring around the cock but unfortunately has been discontinued. We must wonder sometimes at who makes such disappointing corporate decisions.Still, witness the chef as she prepares her meat and notice how tenderly she attends.

Charlie was and perhaps still is a consummate performer and model. One of her photos she shot with me ended up on the cover of a Surf Punk CD. She is expressive and focused, putting herself in the place you need to be to entertain the ravenous hordes of entertainment consumers...that means "You People". With the flick of a switch somewhere inside her brain, she could turn on the lava lamp.

A Woman who could put her mouth to work. Tongue, lips and an oral pleasure cavern that could make the swollen head of a prick disappear and reappear. She played the game of how many lipstick rings she could leave on a pole before needing to refresh the color. It is a game that all participants enjoy.