Throwback Pics

Squirrel Grrl: Cassie Nova

Well, somebody told me you had a grrlfriend
Who blew cock like a squirrelfriend
That I enjoyed in June of some year
It's not confidential, She had potential...

Cassie Nova blows cock
Cassie Nova blows cock

Cassie was a southern Grrl with big tits. She had been a stripper but I didn't snatch her out of a club. She was hunted from a different forest; one in which the squirrels don't know they are being hunted until it's too late. I've often compared young Grrls and stripping to young men joining the Military. I mean if you grow up in bum fuck America, in a place with a stagnant ecomoney, you do what you gotta do; young Men join the Military and Young Ladies show their tits in fashionable or not so fashionable gentleman's clubs until a Virtuous Pornographer slides up along them sideways and strikes up a conversation of solicitation.

Cassie was a poor country Grrl strugglin. She didn't have much of a wardrobe or selection of footware but in good virtuous fashion, I allowed her to perform buck naked cherry. Am I not Virtuous! A lesser producer might have huffed and puffed and whined at the poor Grrl not having an array of garments to model. I pride myself in having patience and understanding for these pitiful creatures who wallow in poverty and want so I allowed her.

<---- Watch vintage throwback clip "Country Sugar" and see Cassie take a mouthful of nut cream.

Cassie had a medium-sized mouth, not a petite mouth but also not a big tropical dick-sucking cavity either. Therefore, she only managed to gnaw on the Rick Reed's head and take him down to the cicumcision scar the Jewish Doctors at Mt. Sinai Hospital had left him with. (Twenty-five percent of his sexual pleasure destroyed as the result of male genital mutilation which is prevelant in this barbaric Nation.) What she did manage to handle, she handled well and got her tongue covered in cum. Click The Virtuous Pornographer banner at the bottom of the page and be transported to a realm where this may be observed.